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  • Edmonton Youth Beekeeping Club

    Edmonton Youth Beekeeping Club

    The Northlands/Prince’s Charities Edmonton Youth Bee Club From Spring until Fall, students from across the Edmonton gathed at Northlands to learn about honeybees. Sponsored by the Prince’s Charities, twenty students, acged 13 to 18, managed ten beehives on site. Each week, weather permitting, we covered important beekeeping topics and performed routine hive inspections. By fall, student…

  • BeeComm Community For Small-Scale Beekeepers

    BeeComm Community For Small-Scale Beekeepers

    BeeComm, contains more tools, resources, videos, and opportunities for community collaboration.

  • Creating Garden Microclimates

    Creating Garden Microclimates

    What a Poop Pit Can Teach Us About Garden Microclimates I stumbled upon pineapple pits while researching old botanic gardens. The Heligan Garden in Cornwall, England, was created in the 18th century by the Tremayne family. The garden fell into disrepair after the First World War but was restored in the nineties. During reconstruction, a strange…

  • Cold Hardy Food Forest Plant List

    Cold Hardy Food Forest Plant List

    A Growing Inventory of Cold Hardy Perennial Plants Since 2015, I’ve been propagating and growing tonnes of USDA hardiness zone 1 to 5 perennial plants in my Edmonton backyard and urban farm plot. The list has grown to over 285 species across 152 plant genera. Tagging each species by edible component (fruit, nut, leaf, bark,…

  • The Watershed Diet

    The Watershed Diet

    You Are Where You Eat If you are what you eat and you’re mostly water, shouldn’t we spend more time thinking about the source of that water? Move over 100-mile diet, let’s explore the watershed diet. A watershed is the area of land that captures, soaks up, and channels water toward increasingly large bodies of water. We think…

  • School Urban Agriculture Supports Local Food

    School Urban Agriculture Supports Local Food

    Growing Food in Schools To Kickstart Urban Agriculture One of the best ways to kickstart a local movement is to provide early access to training. I saw this firsthand when culinary teacher and Pastry Chef Kelly Hobbs’ culinary students won more than 28 awards between 2009 and 2017. After graduation, a sizable number of them enrolled in…

  • Beekeeping in Edmonton, 13 Steps to Get Started

    Beekeeping in Edmonton, 13 Steps to Get Started

    A Step-By-Step Guide To Beekeeping In Edmonton Since 2014, beekeeping has been permitted within the City of Edmonton, and in that short amount of time, the City’s beekeeping community has steadily grown to hundreds of urban hives. If you’re here, there’s a chance that you’re interested in joining that community. Let me be the first…

  • 10 Beekeeping Tips Every Beginner Should Know

    10 Beekeeping Tips Every Beginner Should Know

    Beekeeping Tips I Wish I’d Known The world of beekeeping is magical, immense, and a little overwhelming. I’ve been keeping bees for over a decade, and I’m still learning things constantly. A common complaint is that there’s so much information out there that it’s hard to know where to start. What’s more is that if…

  • Fish Tank Aquaponics System

    Fish Tank Aquaponics System

    DIY Home Aquaponics With Off The Shelf Parts From 2012 to 2016, students and I designed, built, and ran an aquaponics system at Jasper Place High School. While the system worked well, and we learned a lot, it would be too cumbersome and expensive for the average home. So I started wondering, if I were to…

  • Beecentric Hive Design

    Beecentric Hive Design

    In Search of a Beehive Built for Honeybees I design, build, and modify beehives for small-scale and backyard beekeepers looking to manage bees in ways that alight with honeybee biology. This is an account of my beekeeping journey and the creation of what I’ve come to call the Beecentric Hive. I’ve been around beekeeping most…

  • Edmonton’s River Valley Food Forest

    Edmonton’s River Valley Food Forest

    An Edible Ecosystem in the River Valley In 2014, one hundred community volunteers descended into Edmonton’s river valley to plant thousands of edible native plants. Located on the south-facing slope of MacKinnon Ravine, the river valley food forest aimed to create a self-sufficient edible ecosystem that captures water, increases biodiversity, reduces costs, cleans the air,…

  • Natural Beekeeping with Warré Top Bar Hives

    Natural Beekeeping with Warré Top Bar Hives

    Natural Beekeeping Allows Bees To Express Their Natural Behaviour I grew up around honeybees on the acreage in rural Alberta. While I enjoyed the honey, I most loved sitting by the hive and watching the bees come and go. At that time, my dad was using a traditional Langstroth Hive – the same hive used…