Dustin Bajer Edmonton Magpie Flag on a flag pole in front of Norquest College 2013

The Edmonton Magpie Flag

Let The Edmonton Yegie Fly!

In 99% Invisible episode 140, host Roman Mars discusses the flag design and why many city flags are awful. Shortly after this, Aurora Flags and Banners ran a Colour Your Flag Edmonton design competition to find an alternative to Edmonton’s Flag.

City of Edmonton Flag, Official Flag
The City of Edmonton’s Official Flag

99% Invisible’s 5 Rules for Flag Design

  1. Keep It Simple
  2. Use Meaningful Symbolism
  3. Use 2 to 3 Basic Colors
  4. No Lettering or Seals
  5. Be Distinctive or Be Related 

How does Edmonton’s official flag compare to these design rules? I’ll let you decide. In either case, tonnes of new Edmonton Flags were submitted to the Colour Your Flag Edmonton contest, and a handful were selected for display in downtown Edmonton. One of these was a flag I designed that I call the Edmonton Magpie Flag or Yegpie Flag.

Why the Magpie? There are many reasons why I think the Mapie deserves to be the centre of our city’s flag.

The Edmonton Yegpie Flag

Dustin Bajer Edmonton Magpie Flag on a flag pole in front of Norquest College 2013
Flying the Edmonton Magpie Flag

The Edmonton YEGpie flag features Edmonton’s most hated (but also loved?) feathered friend – the hardy, resourceful, intelligent, if not a little abrasive, magpie.

Horizontal bands of blue and green represent the mighty North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton’s Aspen Parkland biome, and blue Alberta skies!

While, as far as I know, only one flag was ever produced, I’d be interested in ordering a run. But until then, you can enjoy the yegpie in a much more modest sticker form.

Dustin Bajer, Edmonton Magpie Flag Stickers, Magpie Stickers, Vinyl Cut Stickers
3 x 3 inch, Edmonton Mapie Flag Stickers