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  • Espalier Fruit Trees

    Espalier Fruit Trees

    A Leafy Wall of Fruit. Save Space, Increase Yields, and Extend the Growing Season with Espalier Fruit Trees Espalier fruit trees are a great way to conserve space, grow food, and create a beautiful garden. Espalier is the ancient practice of training plants against a two-dimensional surface such as a wall or trellis, typically trees,…

  • Edmonton’s River Valley Food Forest

    Edmonton’s River Valley Food Forest

    An Edible Ecosystem in the River Valley In 2014, one hundred community volunteers descended into Edmonton’s river valley to plant thousands of edible native plants. Located on the south-facing slope of MacKinnon Ravine, the river valley food forest aimed to create a self-sufficient edible ecosystem that captures water, increases biodiversity, reduces costs, cleans the air,…