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  • Community Supported Forestry (CSF)

    Community Supported Forestry (CSF)

    Community In The Shape of a Forest If you could plant or gift a tree, would you? What would a tree subscription look like? What if we could work together to cultivate a food-secure, climate-resilient, and biodiverse future through community tree growing and planting? A New CSA. From Vegetables to Trees Subscription Community Supported Agriculture…

  • The Succession of Cities: Organic Patterns Shaping Urban Growth

    The Succession of Cities: Organic Patterns Shaping Urban Growth

    Do Cities Grow Like Ecosystems? Until millennia, city building was an organic, bottom-up, incremental process beginning with a handful of people looking for opportunities at the confluence of waterways, trade roots, and resources. Speculating newcomers establish temporary structures, replaced over time with permanent buildings. Enterprising citizens set up shops to supply growing demands, and streets…

  • How To Grow a 1000-Year-Old Tree

    How To Grow a 1000-Year-Old Tree

    Edmonton Public Library How-To Festival What would it be like to live in a world where people tended 1000-year-old trees? How might planting long-lived trees change our thinking about the future and our role in its creation? The following is a recording and edited transcript of a talk I gave at the Edmonton Public Library’s…

  • BeeComm Community For Small-Scale Beekeepers

    BeeComm Community For Small-Scale Beekeepers

    BeeComm, contains more tools, resources, videos, and opportunities for community collaboration.

  • Cold Hardy Food Forest Plant List

    Cold Hardy Food Forest Plant List

    A Growing Inventory of Cold Hardy Perennial Plants Since 2015, I’ve been propagating and growing tonnes of USDA hardiness zone 1 to 5 perennial plants in my Edmonton backyard and urban farm plot. The list has grown to over 285 species across 152 plant genera. Tagging each species by edible component (fruit, nut, leaf, bark,…

  • Nature Is A Verb – Your Parking Spot Wants To Be A Forest

    Nature Is A Verb – Your Parking Spot Wants To Be A Forest

    Nature Is A Verb Imagine a parking lot: hot, grey, dry, and dead. Parking lots are uninteresting, uninviting, and inhospitable to life. And they are turning into forests. Nature is a verb. Even the most meticulously paved asphalt has imperfections. Expanding and contracting with the rise and fall of the sun, asphalt forms cracks. It’s even…

  • Beecentric Hive Design

    Beecentric Hive Design

    In Search of a Beehive Built for Honeybees I design, build, and modify beehives for small-scale and backyard beekeepers looking to manage bees in ways that alight with honeybee biology. This is an account of my beekeeping journey and the creation of what I’ve come to call the Beecentric Hive. I’ve been around beekeeping most…

  • Alberta Tree Register

    Alberta Tree Register

    Cataloguing Alberta’s Heritage Trees In 2019, with support from the Edmonton Heritage Council, I embarked on a year-long project to catalogue Edmonton’s heritage trees and plants. While doing so, I came across Lethbridge arborist Maureen Sexsmith-West and the two of us teamed up to start the Alberta Tree Register. The Alberta Tree Register attempts to pick…

  • Oldest Trees In Alberta

    Oldest Trees In Alberta

    Alberta Tree Species Capable of Living for 1000s of Years Alberta has a reputation as a “Prairie Province” despite being over 60% forested. And when it comes to the forest we do have, we’re not known for having large old trees. But is that accurate? Can Alberta grow old trees? What are the oldest trees…

  • Edmonton Youth Beekeeping Club

    Edmonton Youth Beekeeping Club

    The Northlands/Prince’s Charities Edmonton Youth Bee Club From Spring until Fall, students from across the Edmonton gathed at Northlands to learn about honeybees. Sponsored by the Prince’s Charities (Now Kings Trust), twenty students, acged 13 to 18, managed ten beehives on site. Each week, weather permitting, we covered important beekeeping topics and performed routine hive inspections.…

  • The 5 School Garden Pace Layers

    The 5 School Garden Pace Layers

    Designing Better School Gardens Using Pace Layer Thinking School boards live for centuries, school buildings last decades, teaching careers come and go in thirty to forty years, the curriculum changes every decade or so, students come and go every three years, semesters turn over twice a year, units last weeks, and lessons are over in…

  • Garden Design Course

    Garden Design Course

    Online ecological garden design course covers five techniques for creating a garden that reduces work, increases yields and works with nature

  • 11 Woody Superpowers That Grow Better Cities

    11 Woody Superpowers That Grow Better Cities

    Trees have woody superpowers that, when used correctly, can grow better cities. We plant trees in our parks, boulevards, and yards, but for many of us, they’re little more than greenery in the landscape. But noticed or not, trees are silently making our yards, communities, and cities better places to live. Whether shading our homes,…

  • Making Walnut Ink and Dye

    Making Walnut Ink and Dye

    Making Ink and Dye From Walnut Seeds I discovered walnut ink while collecting and processing (dehusking) walnuts to plant with the Shrubscriber community. Locally, the most common Walnut is the White or Butternut Walnut (Juglans cinerea but I occasionally run across Black Walnuts (Juglans nigra) and Manchurian Walnuts (Juglans mandschurica). I gather seeds, a process…

  • Researching Edmonton Heritage Trees

    Researching Edmonton Heritage Trees

    Supported by the Edmonton Heritage Council On the edge of downtown Edmonton, on the river valley slopes, grows a wild patch of goji berries, descended from seeds imported and tended by Edmonton’s early Chinese community. A few blocks West, surrounded by asphalt, the chestnut seed Walter Holowach collected in Vienna stands forty feet tall, casting…



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